Hope, and the subject of one fifth.

This is a quick essay on some numbers, and what they make me feel.

Twenty percent.

An average based on three election scenario polls, essentially amounting to the overall mass of votes that Brazilian presidential candidate Bolsonaro will reach if ex-president Lula is not allowed to compete. Ex-president Lula is currently in an unprecedented preemptive arrest as his rather long trial is undergoing. He is denied his constitutional right to follow proceedings. News outlets frequently call him ‘condemned’, but that is propaganda. There is currently no conclusive evidence on display.

His trial is undergoing. He cannot be considered ‘condemned’. But the word continues to be used. Again, and again. Until it is hammered into the general conscious.

Ex-president Lula will most likely not participate in the Brazilian 2018 elections.


“We have to shoot the authors of this exhibit.


It’s a force of expression (sic), but we have to shoot them.”

-Jair Bolsonaro, on provocative art gallery “Queermuseum”.

Jair Bolsonaro

Translator’s note: I’m not sure what he meant. Perhaps a better translation would be “It’s a forceful expression […]”, but I believe that is worse. Specific wording referred to the act of using a fire squad.

Twenty percent, one fifth, two tenths, etc. It may not seem like a lot, especially to a citizen accustomed to a bipartisan system, such as the USA’s. However, this amount of votes puts him ahead of any other candidate, as some competitors have 14, 8.7, and 8.1 percent of votes. Spread rather thin, with a large amount of blank or null votes. Thankfully, the Brazilian electoral system is based on turns, and it is possible that the second most voted candidate will overtake Bolsonaro in the ‘second turn’. I will not delve into how this works, but know that statistically, there is some hope.

“The error of our dictatorship was to torture and not kill.”

“Pinochet should have killed more people.”

“The Military Police should have killed a thousand prisoners, not a hundred and eleven.”

“Women should be paid less because they get pregnant.”

-Jair Bolsonaro, on various subjects and situations.



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